Best Quality Cement In India

At ACC we believe that the long term success of the company is not only linked to building long term relationships with its customers but also depends on long term and successful relationships with all its stakeholders best quality cement in india.

ACC’s commitment to sustainable development and its ongoing efforts in community welfare programs have won it acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen. ACC plants, mines and townships visibly demonstrate successful endeavors in quarry rehabilitation, water management techniques and ‘greening’ activities.We listen to our customers to deliver the solutions that work for them. We treat our vendors as our partners. We train our employees to do business with integrity and a lot of humility. We contribute to our local communities by providing them quality healthcare, education, infrastructure. We minimize our impact on the environment by doing what’s right, not what’s feasible. We believe in ‘Cementing Relationships’ acc concrete plus cement.

The company continuously explores ways to make its business more planet friendly and this concern is integrated into all activities of the value chain from mining to sales. It has among the lowest carbon footprints in its class. The company's various manufacturing units are backed by a central technology support services centre - the only one of its kind in the Indian cement industry best concrete admixture in india.


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